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Can you escape from the house and Granny in five days?

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Jul 7th, 2022

The GameLoop tool from the Tencent studio lets you run Android games on PC. This installer downloads its own emulator along with the game Granny (GameLoop), letting you play on Windows by adapting its control system to use the mouse and keyboard. You don't need any special knowledge, as the tool automatically installs everything you need to play.

Granny (GameLoop) is a first-person horror game where the action will take you to a house full of traps. You will have five days to escape, but traps are not the only thing that awaits you there. Granny will also chase you and not exactly to hug you. Be careful when moving forward because if she hears you move or drop something on the ground, she will come after you at full speed. Escaping from here will not be easy.

The house you will find yourself in will be full of objects to interact with. In Granny (GameLoop), you can open drawers and cabinets, take keys, deactivate traps and hide. Sometimes, hiding will be the only thing that will save you from the beating Granny will give you if she finds you. When you cannot escape, Granny will knock you unconscious, you will wake up in the bed at the beginning of the game, and a day will have passed.

As a horror game, Granny (GameLoop) is an interesting experience, as it manages to create a sense of constant tension. If you like to be scared, don't hesitate and play now.
Reviewed by Carmen Hernández

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License Free
Op. System Windows
Category Adventures
Language English
Author Tencent
Downloads 22,679
Date Jul 7th, 2022

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